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I use animation and programming to build engaging experiences that communicate complex ideas. As a front-end developer with a designer's eye, my niche is in bringing beautiful design to life. Thoughtful interactive animation goes hand-in-hand with math and logic problem solving behind the scenes.

Bringing over a decade of Flash experience to Actionscript's sister language, Javascript, I'm fluent in making things work in HTML and Flash. Past projects include portfolio sites, custom video players, microsites, games and educational touchscreen kiosks. I'm currently seeking interactive data visualization projects.


NYT Bestsellers

NYT Bestsellers

Using d3 to chart the rankings of books over times on the New York Times Bestseller list.

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365 nights

365 Nights

An interactive exploration of where night falls on the earth over the course of 2014. Built with d3.

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trip spending

Trip spending

Charting and mapping daily spending from a four-month trip in Southeast Asia, using d3 and leaflet.

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trip spending


Using d3 to plot distances between consecutive pairs of special primes numbers

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share the rare

Share the Rare

Scrolling holiday card for Cambridge Biomarketing, animating through an illustrated journey of different celebrations through the world.

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ge calcluator

GE Medical Errors Calculator

GE Heathcare collects all sorts of medical data. I helped them build this calculator to make it easier for hospital workers to view the most common medical errors that happen at hospitals of a given size and region.

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hmc2 agency card

Agency holiday card

HTML5 holiday card for Vermont agency HMC2. Also did a Flash version as a backup.

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koedijk barber surgeon

Koedijk's Barber-Surgeon

Together with the Peabody Essex Museum this was created as an in-exhibition touchscreen piece, allowing visitors to explore this painting in more detail

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humana virtual guidance tool

Humana Virtual Guidance Tool

The Virtual Guidance Tool for Humana guides users to learn about various health insurance products offered. With voiceover, close-captioned text, video, content is presented to the user according to their interests and demographics. Behavior is tracked with Google Analytics.

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Arnette Landing Page

One-page microsite for Arnette Sunglasses to increase awareness and sales

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Revo Landing Page

Promo page for Revo's Eco Collection, featuring Jimmy Chin and Alexandra Cousteau

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rippin rhino

Rippin' Rhino Snowboard Game

Holiday card for White Rhino. Uses Box2D as the physics engine. Recently extended to have an Olympics-themed slope. Shred!

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1000 cranes of hope

1000 Cranes of Hope

Social site for a pharma company working on a cure for cancer. Browse wishes people have made for loved ones via the 'flock' of paper cranes, and add your own. Powered by an ASP .NET back end. The kiosk version of this just won a Clio Healthcare Award.

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creative creatures

Creative Creatures

Built for the Peabody Essex Museum's Trash Menagerie exhibit, this piece started on an in-house kiosk and is now live on

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winsper wonderland

Winsper Wonderland

A make-your-own snowman holiday card for Winsper, Inc, with illustrations by the talented Kevin Cimo. I managed to make the gallery without a database, writing to flat XML files with PHP.

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snowball fight

3D Snowball Fight

A holiday card for Mullen, originally done as a multiplayer game but presented here as single player. Hand-drawn art direction by Mark Chamberlain, the game is a 2D / 3D variation on a familiar winter theme.

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stanley fubar

Stanley Fubar

Microsite for Stanley's aptly named demolition tool. Multiple-angle interactive video, a 3D product tour and (the page the client asked us tp remove -- but included here) an upload-and-destroy feature.

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gulag games

Gulag Games

Flash microsite for Gampetap, which never quite made it live. The dark humor of the Siberian gulag wasn't considered safe at the time of launch. Art direction by David Oliva.

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